Jun 10

Police seek 2 men, vehicles in Sycamore homicide

SYCAMORE – Police are searching for two men, one of whom might have been armed with a handgun, in connection with an incident where a woman was found dead in her car at the Illinois Department of Human Services building, 1629 Afton Road.

Update:  Other media outlets have confirmed with the Daily Chronicle that the license plate of a black Chrysler involved in a shootout with police in Lyons match those of the black Chrysler involved in the Sycamore incident.  The vehicle was stopped near the intersection of Ogden ave and Joliet Ave in Lyons, surrounded by 3-4 marked nad 3 unmarked police vehicles, according to witnesses. Witnesses then heard between 20-25 shots fired within less than a minute.  The driver of the vehicle is dead.

Read more about the investigation here.

This is a developing story. Stick with the Daily Chronicle as it develops, and more information will be posted.

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